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About Solvaa

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Solvaa was founded in 2016 by Kelly Goss, business process automation specialist and author of 
Automate It with Zapier and Generative AI (1st & 2nd ed.)
Based in the UK, Solvaa helps businesses around the world work smarter and not harder with simpler, more efficient and automated processes. Kelly is a Zapier Certified Expert, Pipedrive CRM Certified Partner, SmartSuite Certified Partner and Xero Certified Advisor.

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Meet your trainer

Kelly has always had a passion for solving problems. She started her career as a microbiologist in the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries, leading product quality improvement projects.

She then moved into entrepreneurship by co-founding a veterinary clinic. As managing director, Kelly was responsible for the marketing, sales, operational and finance functions which gave her first-hand experience of the productivity struggles businesses can face, and how they can thrive by embracing technology.

Kelly founded Solvaa in 2016 and she is an independent business consultant, Xero Certified Advisor, Pipedrive CRM Certified Partner, SmartSuite Certified Partner and Zapier Certified Expert. She published Automate It with Zapier (Packt - 1st ed.) in 2021 and Automate It with Zapier and Generative AI (Packt - 2nd ed.) in 2023 and often speaks at conferences, including Zapier's innaugural virtual summit ZapConnect 2021.

As a passionate advocate of automation and continuous improvement, she helps businesses streamline their repetitive tasks to achieve their productivity goals and save money.

Based in West Sussex, England, Kelly is a self-taught artist, a lover of travel and adventure, animals, urban art and street food.
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