Learn how to optimise and automate your business processes

Join our expert-led training programme to help you increase productivity with automation! 

Scale your business with automation

We will help you unlock your inner Systems, Process and Automation Champion so that you master productivity with better processes and automation. Learn how to create an automation strategy, techniques to improve and optimise your business systems and processes, and implement successful digital process automation with Zapier.

Learn from a certified automation expert, author and keynote speaker

Get closer to your productivity goals

Are you not sure where to start with your automation journey or are you feeling overwhelmed with the learning curve? Or maybe you just want to get the most out of using Zapier?
By studying with us you will learn how to create and implement successful digital process automation strategies using our signature 4-Step Solvaa Automation Methodology®. You will gain smart skills to help you optimise your business performance and enhance productivity company wide. 

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Who are our training programmes for?

Our courses are designed for individuals and teams in micro, small and medium sized businesses

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Business Owners

As a business owner, you are likely to wear many hats in your business. Learning how to successfully implement automation can help you save time and money as you grow so that you can focus on critical tasks that need your skills and attention.

Team Members

Digital process automation is becoming a sought after skill by employers. Become an digital automation champion to improve process efficiency in the business, make your role more efficient, empower your peers and to stand out from the employment crowd. 

Service Providers

Businesses need help to automate their processes. If you're a Virtual Assistant, OBM, Bookkeeper, Accountant, Systems Consultant, or Digital Marketer (just to name a few) adding business process automation to your service toolkit is a smart step forward.
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The benefits of learning with Solvaa

Start with the fundamentals

Regardless of your technical expertise, our training is designed to provide the essential knowledge you will need to successfully implement digital process automation using our signature 4-step method. 

Learn from a certified expert and author

Your trainer, Kelly Goss, is a process improvement specialist and Zapier Certified Expert! She is also the author of Automate It with Zapier and regularly speaks at online events and conferences.

Develop an automation mindset

Learn to think with a process, system, and automation mindset. We will give you all the tools you will need to become an expert in solving the most complex business productivity problems. 
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Earn CPD

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What our students have to say about us

Kelly has completely enlightened me in getting the best from Zapier with the systems I use. In easy to understand language my grasp of Zapier has improved no end and I’m saving time, making a huge difference to my business.
Sarah Brangwyn
Made & Making
I now understand how to organise our systems and build automations for each segment of our market which has set us up for growth. I've learnt some quick wins and fixes as well as a plan for utilizing Zapier and other complex elements that were unique to our business.
Harriet Strachan
CRM Manager, 
As a result of working with Kelly, some of the tangible benefits results are time-saving, better organisation, the ability to use all of Zapier’s features empowering the team to use the systems without expert help ongoing, and most importantly, sales growth.
Kingsley Allen
Business Development Executive, 
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